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New Year’s Party 2018-To share, to care together shape the future

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       Cyma held New Year’sParty 2018 at 3:00pm on 22th Feb,2018 in Wanda Realm Ma 'anshan. More than 240members of the company's leadership team all the staff gathered to attendthe award ceremony where President Shi gave a passionate speech. First of all,on behalf of the leadership team, he thanked all the staff for their efforts invarious work last year reported to them the whole production operationin 2017 plan for 2018. then all kinds of wonderful programs compiled,directed performed by colleagues were staged.The party wascrowned by songs performed by President Deng other colleagues, by chorusfrom extrusion group, by opusculum magic from Quality Dept. LocalTyrants Dating from Project Dept. Administrative Dept.

     There was luckydraw in the party, Chen Congfen won the first prize, the second prize is XuZhirong, Lu Chuancui, Wang jun, the third prize is Yang Haohao, Wang Honghu, XueFei, Guan Jie, Tao Jing, Xu Feibin, Shi Yonghao Wu Fengying. Along with theprogram, there was outstanding staff, outstanding cadres outstandingcollective selection. The outstanding employees are: Li Qiling, Zhu Fenghai, DingChuanzhi, Gao Feng, Ye Longmei Chen Ming. The outstanding officials are LiChuanqi, Shi Yonghao Chen Jianlai.  It is the Machining Group that gets theexcellent group. The plant is permeated with a happy peaceful atmosphere.All employees enjoyeda delicious dinner, while at party, everyone with his own enthusiasm expressedthe sincere greetings wishes to all leadership staff, but also would beproud of this big family. The staff showed a sense of pride wishesincisively vividly.